New York Connect
For the small business the most economical option for access is our access 56k option. This will allow your business to benefit from the power of email, and use of the Internet at large. New York Connects' experience with business customers will allow you to develop a program that will get you started on the Internet, and help you migrate to the tools and resources you need to compete with the big guys. Our access 56k plan is designed for businesses that will use the Internet sparingly throughout the business day. If you are planning on moderate to heavy use we recommend you review our various business class DSL options.

ISDN, which stands for Integrated Services Digital Network, is a system of digital phone connections. This system allows data to be transmitted simultaneously using end-to-end digital connectivity. ISDN is designed for businesses that need a high-speed solution, but don’t have the technical capacity or are beyond the distance requirements for DSL. New York Connect can provide a cost effective solution for businesses using ISDN technology. Our solution can provide data speeds up to 112 Kbps at a cost that doesn’t break your budget.

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