New York Connect
Max Down/Up * Monthly Price Activation Fee Equipment Fee
768K/128K $29. $99. FREE
1.5M/384K $39. $99. FREE
3.0M/768K $49. $99. FREE

Dynamic IP, 6 mailboxes, 10 Megs web space, 56k dial up included, No limitations with newsgroups.

Static IP available for $10 extra per month.

*The actual data transfer speed or throughput that you will experience may be lower than speeds indicated after accounting for processing overhead and other factors, including the distance between you and the central office serving you, the condition of your telephone line and wiring inside your home or office, network or Internet congestion or server and router speeds for the web sites you are accessing

NYCT DSL can take between 1 – 2 weeks for installation from time order is placed

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