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Internet Access Is Immediately Available In The Properties Listed Below
If you are in one of the listed Smart Buildings below, please contact us so that we can provide you with internet access you deserve! NYCT.NET has served New York's Internet needs since 1995 and provides complete Internet solutions.
For more information or Smart Building service, or our other serivces, call us at 212.293.2620
317 Madison Avenue   112 West 34th Street
51 East 42nd Street 1107 Broadway
866 United Nations Plaza   500 Eighth Avenue
25 Broadway (Telehouse)   425 Madison Avenue
419 Park Avenue South   135 East 55th Street
250 West 57th Street (The Fisk Building) 136 East 57th Street
214 West 29th Street   501 Madison Avenue
224 West 29th Street 6 East 45th Street
200 Fifth Avenue (International Toy Center)   304 Park Avenue South
1123 Broadway   1133 Broadway
11 West 25th Street   225 West 39th Street
1350 Broadway   1333 Broadway
1384 Broadway   1400 Broadway
1359 Broadway   315 West 36th Street
80 Wall Street   82 Wall Street
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