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The Internet has not always been easy to access and navigate. Since 1995, NYCT has campaigned as a local provider in "Bringing New York the Internet services it deserves." Founder-Owner and CEO of the privately held NYCT, Andrew E. Coren built his network with 'Quality Of Service' (QOS) as the outstanding reason for being in the extremely competitive, overcrowded Internet business.


New York Connect.Net, Ltd. (NYCT):

  • sets the industry standard for Internet Solution Providers (ISP).
  • stands alone in providing TURNKEY Internet solutions.
  • will strategically diagnose, professionally deploy, and expertly maintain all aspects required for successful Internet integration.
  • analyzes the client Internet needs before executing a comprehensive and cost effective solution.
  • clients experience satisfaction because they are connected to the 'The ISP You Can Count On'.
  • delivers specific internet solutions, not one-size-fits-all unfulfilled internet promises. Internet competitors like Verizon, Earthlink, and AOL/TW offer generic internet access.

NYCT has always believed that keeping customers satisfied is the key to financial success in the ISP arena. NYCT became a profitable ISP in 1999 only four years after inception. Most clients demand internet reliability as their number one issue. QOS is the primary concern. Timely and professional client support was the second most mentioned concern among users. Cost of Internet service was actually third on the list of reasons to join a particular ISP.

NYCT has distinguished itself among a field of strong competitors who were better financed, but did not choose to make service reliability and customer satisfaction the hallmark of their company's approach to the Internet. The competition spent huge amounts to try and gain in the race for market share. By contrast, NYCT allocated ample resources to provide for excellent customer support. By expertly managing the expansion costs related to real network requirements, NYCT found a winning formula. NYCT used most of their revenues to keep a high QOS, at the expense of gaining immediate market share during startup.

NYCT realized that clients do appreciate the qualitative differences an ISP makes. Win the loyalties and accolades of the NYCT Internet user base and they will do much to further the required marketing effort. Expanding the client base from word of mouth and happy customers is the least expensive cost-to-customer acquisition. The unfortunate side to this marketing approach was that it produced a much slower path to critical mass then by deploying investment dollars to attract new users. NYCT did not incur the additional burden of great debt in order to acquire customers and consequently is now virtually debt free.

NYCT is prepared to manage and maintain any technical aspect required for the Internet today and tomorrow. Today means a growing migration of Internet users to high-speed dedicated connectivity in order to enable the applications of tomorrow.

NYCT provides all transport capable Internet services including Voice-Over-IP (Long Distance For Less). Our product mix for access includes DIAL-UP MODEM, DEDICATED, ADSL, SDSL, CABLE, T1, ETHERNET and WIRELESS. HOSTED CO-LOCATION SERVERS and WEBSITES are available 7/24 from our client friendly state-of-the-art DATA CENTER. On-site support and network integration is a standard feature available to all our clients.

NYCT gives users a real choice for Internet in New York. Choose generic Internet access with a Telephone or Cable company. Or, get ultimate Internet from New York Connect.

It's all about having the right connectionů Get New York Connect.

Andrew Coren