Fast Internet Access
New York Connect offers Internet connectivity from Modem dial up access to super high-speed point-to-point access over digital telephone lines. If you need Internet access this is where you want to be.
Smart Buildings
New York Connect has your Smart Building wired for speed. If you are fortunate enough to work in one of our wired Smart Buildings, then you can get reliable high speed Internet access, at great prices. Plus you have the advantage of getting immediate installation.
Voice Over IP (VoIP)
New York Connect wants to save you money through "long distance for less." USA-Connect shows you how you can save money on your domestic and International long distance. Take a moment to learn more.
Web Hosting & Web Site Design
New York Connect can provide your website a home. Let us host your World Wide Web site for you. If you don’t have a website, let us design one for you. Please review our many web-hosting options.
Web Marketing
New York Connect shares its web marketing expertise through Net Promotions. Learn the value the right online marketing can do to improve your business.
Interested in learning more?
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